Turkish Journal of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology is an international peer-reviewed journal and publishes articles  provides high quality, comprehensive and broad coverage in all areas of molecular and cellular biology. The journal publishes original scientific research papers that provide functional and mechanistic insights and report a significant advance to the field. The journal encourages the submission of multidisciplinary studies that use complementary experimental and computational approaches to address challenging biological questions.

In addition to research Communications and Articles, the journal welcomes submission of Methods Notes, Databases/ Web Servers, Brevia, Perspectives and Reviews covering all areas of basic and applied molecular biology and biotechnology with a broad subject titles. The Journal encourages interdisciplinary papers applying molecular biology methods to biotechnology and novel approaches. The Journal accepts full-length original research papers, short notes, technical notes, reviews and letter to the editor. A detailed list of research areas included but are not limited to:

Molecular Biology:

  • omics sciences in the context of system biology such as genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics
  • molecular genetics and medicine
  • cellular biology, biochemistry  and computational biology
  • Molecular basis of disease, molecular diagnostics
  • Biomolecular interactions, systems biology
  • Membrane processes, cell surface proteins and cell-cell interactions
  • Methodological advances, both experimental and theoretical, including databases
  • Epigenetics,  Epigenetic mono-and combination therapy, Genetic and Epigenetic factors in developmental biology, signaling pathways, Genetic models, Gene therapy, Gene-miRNA-cell and redox based therapy to treat disease condition, genetic engineering
  • Structure, chemistry, processing and function of biologically important macromolecules and complexes
  • Translation, protein folding, processing and degradation
  • Sorting, spatiotemporal organization, trafficking, signal transduction and intracellular signalling
  • Stem cell biology


  • recombinant protein production
  • antibody production
  • medical biotechnology
  • nanobiotechnology
  • food biotechnology
  • plant biotechnology
  • microbial biotechology
  • pharmaceutical biotechnology
  • environmental biotechnology
  • industrial biotechnology and bitechnological products
  • bioremediation
  • green energy
  • chemical and metabolic engineering
  • bioprocess engineering
  • biosensors

The journal presents short communications, original research papers, and review articles that demonstrate novel ideas and molecular mechanism in normal and disease processes. The journal publishes results of original and clinically-related area of research which approach the subject from a fundamental point of view. Papers on new techniques promoting experimental progress are also presented.

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